If you want to register your team for this tournament, please send us your request per email to

and type as a subject „Registration IHC-LBC 2014". If you do not write this subject, your email may not be processed.

Mandatory data for registration:

1)      Full name of the team

2)      Short name of the team (if full name is longer than 20 letters incl. space)

3)      Country

4)      Team Manager for this tournament

5)      Contact person (email, phone)

The limit of 10 teams will be applied and only first 10 teams can get our confirmation of reservation. This reservation is valid for 3 weeks and team must pay the starting fee during these 3 weeks. If we will not receive this registration fee before this date, we give the chance to the next team.

Thank you for understanding and we are looking for your emails.